What Is a Life Audit? And Is It Any Good?

A few days ago, I fell upon an article about how to do a life audit. A life audit sounds nice and all, but I didn’t really know what it was to be honest.

If you’ve been in the dark about this whole life audit business like me – a life audit is an exercise in self-reflection that helps you clear the cobwebs of noisy, external goals and current distractions, and revise or uncover the real themes & core values that drive & inspire you.

Well, I’m sold. And it turns out that they are actually pretty trendy.

Who is a life audit for?

A life audit can be a good idea for those who are overwhelmed and overscheduled. If you feel like you’re doing a whole lot, but not really moving or progressing, then a life audit might just be what you’re looking for.

A life audit will help you find a certain clarity as well an understanding on what you should prioritize and focus on in the future.

How to do a life audit

First, you need to figure out your personal mission. Why are you doing the things you are? What do you want? What are you goals and vision? Define and write it down.

A personal mission will help you figure out your personal definition of succes.

After you’ve done this, you need to take a look at your life and ask yourself what you’re currently doing. Write down your week and what you do. How much time do you spend on your full-time job, side hustle, social media, relationship, and whatever else you do.

In this step, people often use post-it notes and divide their life into themes like career, relationships, health and fitness. Personally, I preferred to just compare what I’m doing at the moment with my personal mission to see how much time I spend on what I wanted to achieve, and how much time I spend on different things.

If you want to do it more simple like me, then go back to your personal mission and see if your actions are aligned with what you want to achieve. It’s perfectly fine to prioritize your job over your friends, or the other way around if that’s what your personal mission says to focus on, but if you’re working against yourself and what you want, it might be time to spend more time on certain activities and spend less time on others.

Once you compare your personal mission with your weekly schedule it should help you get a better understanding about your time and how you spend it.

Essentially, a life audit is about understanding and reorganizing your life in three steps:

  • Define a personal mission
  • Define what you’re currently doing
  • Reorganize so the two of them are aligned.

Is it any good?

Yes, I would say so. I did it a bit differently than most people do, so I would recommend to go full on and create post-it notes and themes if you feel really lost and confused. If you have a hard time figuring out why you do certain things, then it’s definitely better this way.

For me it was more about getting a clear understanding about what I was doing at the moment and reminding myself about what I wanted in life. It’s easy to lose focus and forget about it, so a life audit helps you refocus and remind yourself about your goals and visions (and to actually works towards them).

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