What Do I Know

So, as most of you know my blog started out with a focus on self-knowledge and habits, but after some requests about more personal content, I’ve decided to cross-over and share more about me and life as a twenty-something girl.

First of all, if you didn’t already know this – I’m Danish. I’m born and raised in Denmark, but I have since then lived in Los Angeles and London.

Before I decided to leave Denmark, I finished a bachelor degree in literature. After I graduated I’ve worked as a freelance writer and I’ve written for Danish as well as English publications. I also work with content marketing which means I work with individuals as well as agencies to create in-depth and relevant articles and blog posts for their sites to optimize their online presence and help them land new clients.

But back to the blog, if you decide to stick around you can read more about life as a twenty-something girl in general and I’ll invite you closer to my thoughts, ideas, and maybe even struggles.

To get even more personal, I’ll end this post with a picture of me looking the other way like I had no idea the photo was taken. I’m cool like that.

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