You Don’t Have A Purpose: You Find A Purpose

Most of us have no idea about what we want to do with our lives. In high school, we’re asked to start thinking about what our purpose is, and when we’re in college we supposed to think about it even more, but that doesn’t mean we get any closer to figuring it out.

There is much pressure to find out what you want to do that it becomes impossible to just say, well, I have no clue, and I’m not close to finding out.

Instead of saying I didn’t really know, I went to school every day and told everybody that I would do something with my degree. I did change my story over the years, but no one really noticed. It was enough, I just told them what it was I would do after. Definitely publishing. No, no journalism. Author. Circus artist?

I don’t think anyone really cared what I said, because the true is that most people don’t spend time wondering about what you are going to do with your life. Even if they do care, they’re often satisfied with you knowing it, but why is that? Why do we have to have purpose right away?

The concept of “life purpose”

When we choose what we want to study and then later work with in the future, it’s often aligned with our life purpose. Our professional life is pretty much our life. Why? Well, we going to spend an awful lot of our time doing it.

Have you ever noticed how one of the first questions people will ask you is: what do you do? Like it answers them who we are, and what we are all about. In many cases, it does.

In other words, we know that our job is basically going to be our life, so we’re asked all our life to answer what our purpose is. What are we good at? What’s our passion? What do we not suck at? How do we get it right, since this is going to define us forever? How do we find our purpose on this planet? Help, help, help.

The truth is you don’t have a purpose; you find a purpose. The idea that all people were born for some higher purpose is nothing else than a myth. Some lazy, bored or unhappy people convinced themselves that everything that happened to them throughout life wasn’t or had ever been in their hands. Instead, they went with the story that it was something bigger than themselves. It was their purpose to stay behind in their small town and keep the same job they had since they 16, not their choice.

Some people look into crystals, and tell you their intelligent rock told them they couldn’t do this or that. Well, I utterly disagree. I don’t believe rocks are smarter than humans.

People are all born with a choice. We’re born free to decide what we want to do. The only thing we don’t have a say in is our time on this planet. Some of us will stay longer than others. We can do all sort of stuff to try to keep us here longer by eating healthy and not smoking and so on. Or we can party hard and play with our life, but in the end, the one thing we can’t control is our time. 

Give your live meaning

The good news is that you can control anything else. We’re born under different circumstances, and we can make excuses out of anything, but we’re also free to take action. Overall, this is great news. We get a life, and we’re free to do anything we want with it.

When you’re trying to find your purpose, then forget about destiny and this idea that you’re were born for one specific thing on this planet. You’re not. The purpose is yours to choose. It’s completely up to you to decide what you’ll give meaning to in your life.

Forget about the pressure of knowing. You don’t have to know when you’re 16, 26 or even 46. It’s okay to still be searching. The only thing you do have to do— is get up and start discovering. Get up and go outside. Find out what’s important for you. What makes your life feel fulfilled?

Charles Bukowski said: “Find what you love and let it kill you.” Well, he meant it in another context, but I’ll take it, because we’re all going to get killed by life, so we might as well be doing something we love.

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