The Key To Productivity

Productivity is tricky.  We all strive to be more productive, and yet so few do what needs to be done. But why? Well, let’s be honest. It’s way easier to make up excuses and do other “fun” things.

“Fun” things can be fun, but they can also send us into in a purgatory stage. Wait what? Don’t worry, I’m not (that) crazy, an explanation follows bellow, but let’s go back to the part about the key to productivity.

There is actually a quite simple, but highly effective solution to it.

Welcome to purgatory

The hardest part is often to get started, but why is that? We’ll sit around for hours and remind ourselves that we should write that paper or complete the task our boss gave us a few days ago. We’ll think about the task for so long that we start building it into a huge thing. And that’s when it turns into mission impossible.

The sad part is, we don’t even really enjoy what we’re doing, because in the back of our mind, we keep thinking about that thing we should be doing. We should read a book, instead of the DailyMail. We should go down with the trash, instead of texting that (trashy) guy or girl that keeps screwing with our mind. We should be doing something far more important than catch up on Love Island (if there is such a thing).

So, we’re not moving forward with our task, and we’re not really enjoying ourselves. We’re left in this in-between stage, were we’re not doing anything productive, but we’re not enjoying ourselves either. It’s purgatory, not heaven, not hell.

Look past the task

When we’re being productive, we’re moving closer toward a goal. Maybe the goal is to get our pay check by the end of the month. Maybe the goal is to open our own business. Maybe the goal is just to pass an exam.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is. The goal is yours only. The point is that it’s up to you to go get it. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget why we do certain things.

Instead of seeing the task as useful, we see it as an annoying duty that we have to do, and as soon as you have to do anything, it’s not fun, it’s not for you, it’s not anything other than a task.

The key is to stop thinking like that. Look past the task. I don’t believe in mindless positivity, but I really do think that a clear goal-setting and the ability to visualize what you want are a game changers.

(Over)think less, do more

First of all, stop overthinking it. The task will only seem bigger and bigger, the more you put it off.

Second of all, look past the task. The task may or may not be fun, but remind yourself that you’re doing it for you. You want to graduate. You want more money. You want to be the boss. Once you realize that it’s only about you, and what you want, you’ll start doing more things for yourself.

At least that’s my experience, but I also still watch TV instead of doing push-ups on Sundays, so what do I know.

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