Stop Focusing On What You Lack

We spend so much time on self-improvement today, but when we look at improvement, we’re constantly reminded of what we lack. It’s always about how we can upgrade ourselves and our life. How do we become skinnier, smarter and better? How do we recreate ourselves? How do we change?

Why? Well, we’re weird creatures that deep down know, we’ll never be perfect, and yet we can’t stop trying anyway.

Forget about perfect

The picture-perfect life seems to be around us everywhere. Especially today where we have social media that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Self-help books and motivational quotes are trending more than ever., and why shouldn’t why try to improve ourselves? We should. We definitely should.

Unfortunately, we often tend to focus on failures and shortcomings when we look at self-improvement. How? Well, if we see a commercial, a post, or an Youtube tutorial, we don’t just think; oh, I should get softer and prettier hair. We start thinking; oh no, our hair is horrible and ugly. We should fix it. Look at how pretty, it could be.

Or maybe you seek out an advice on how to make money from people with (a lot of) money, which will only serve to remind you of how poor you are.

Remember, just because you stand up in front of the mirror and tell yourself you’re not going to be alone forever, it doesn’t make it true. A magical new boyfriend won’t suddenly wake up next to you the next morning.

Let’s be honest

So, what do we do? It’s vicious circle. We want to improve ourselves, yet we can’t seek out any help anywhere without being reminded about everything we lack. Then we start focusing on getting more money, more success or a better look, but it’s an evil loop that will just keep reminding us of what we lack, instead of what we have.

The true is that we will always lack something in our life, but rather than focusing on what we’re missing, we should strive to accept ourselves. And then you can start the work.

Mindless positivity shouldn’t be encouraged

The whole idea about being mindless positive about everything is (in a lack of better word) stupid. You can close our eyes and think about pretty butterflies, but that doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly appear in front of your eyes. Positivity is great, but it needs a foundation. If you don’t build an honest and true foundation, you’ll break.

If you want to start doing more, being more and learning more, then you need to accept the bitter truth. You’ll never be perfect. You’ll always lack something in life.

Flowers can’t grow in a dessert (actually quite a few do, but you get the picture).

Accept your failures and shortcomings and make them your foundation. Be honest with yourself, instead of trying to create something real based on a delusion.






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