How To Overcome Fear

Fear can limit you in many ways, but it’s a very natural feeling that almost everyone is hit by. Unfortunately, fear can block you from many life experiences, as well as change your life. There are many types and levels of fear.

You might have to give a speech. You might have to go on a date. Maybe you have a job interview. Fear can hit the brakes on many aspects of your life, but it’s almost always unnecessary.

The many forms of fear

Look back at your life and remember all the moments, you had to do something you feared. How many times did the fear do you any good? How many times did the fear itself paralyze you rather than the situation? How many times did it turn out to be as scary as you thought?

Normally, we’ll come out on the other side of things thinking we were afraid and fearful for no good reason. Once you’ve left the stage, you’ll feel like your fears were for nothing. Even if the date turned out bad, it didn’t really change your life in any way. The interviewer didn’t end up offering you a job, but you’ll still go to bed today and wake up tomorrow.

Fear is simple. It’s nothing else than a short state of mind. You decide if you want to stay in it.

What’s on the other side of fear?

Ask yourself a few questions like: What it’s the worst-case scenario? What are the consequences if the worst thing does happen in this situation? Will this change my life? Unless you’re dealing with a real life or death situation, then the answers will most likely be that nothing big will change no matter what happens.

Personally, one simple question and answer helps me in these situations. In Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris interviews Jamie Foxx and he gives a life advice that helped me deal with my daily fear. He said: “What’s on the other side of fear? Nothing.”

The simplicity of it makes it great. You can use it in any situation. Yet, it’s a very powerful tool. If you think about it, then there is never really anything to be afraid of, because most things simply don’t matter. Again, if you’re dealing with life and death situations, then this doesn’t apply, since the answer to his question would be death, and I prefer to be alive.

Overcome fear

Fear only exits in your mind, which means it’s something everyone can overcome. It’s all about mental tricks and figuring out how to control your mind-set.

Remind yourself that even if the worst case scenario happens, you’ll still come home to your own bed tonight and wake up tomorrow. Too often we make a big deal out of small, irrelevant things.

Keep asking yourself: What’s on the other side of fear? Repeat it in your mind like a bad Justin Bieber song. Once you realize that there truly isn’t anything there, then you’ll be amazed at how easily it can disappear.

You’ll understand that you’re simply going into a new situation, which might lead any way, but definitely won’t destroy your life.

Breakfast and a new day always awaits.

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